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Committed to delivering Un’avventura dell’anima
an adventure of the soul, for each of our travelers.

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Specialty Liguria Experience

Meet the heart and Soul of Italy, seaside and in the hills.

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Un’avventura dell’anima

An Adventure of the soul

For most people, traveling to Italy is a once in a lifetime experience.

My goal is to make sure that experience is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Let's plan your custom Italian travel adventure, completely unique to your travel wants and needs.

I have been traveling to Italy since 1971.

I have experienced more travel adventures in Italy than most people.

This allows me find the best of Italy for your personal adventure.

I am a Dual Citizen of both the USA and Italy.

I have resided in Italy since January of 2016.

That means I have everyday experiences to help you make your travel go smoothly.

Because I have lived in both the United states and Italy, I know how La Dolce Vita, the sweet life of slow living, in Italy differs from how we Americans typically live.

That will make your transition to Italian time and lifestyle easier.

I personally explore Italy, small towns, festivals, and artisanal experiences across the country.

The experiences I have gathered help you choose the best options for your travel.

Explore Italy beyond typical tourist offerings.

Travel with the best of Italy

Italy is full of unusual, unique options for you to enjoy.

Because of the friends I have made across Italy, you choose from multiple partners guaranteed to provide the best Italian experience.

I only refer my travelers to hotels and businesses I can be certain will provide you with adventures you will treasure.

I blog for the Take Me Home Italy, Ciao for Now Blog.

There you can discover different, unique experiences, festivals and travel ideas to help you hone in on what you truly want to experience.

I want to thank you so much for arranging our trip to Italy. I will have wonderful memories forever. The hotels that we stayed at in Naples, Benevento, Rome, Florence and Venice were wonderful. They were all so close to everything. We easily walked to most sights.

It was nice to have the freedom to do what we wanted to do, not just a group tour. Your suggestions on what sights we could see were fabulous! Sometimes we wanted to do things as a group and that was great too.

Your suggestion to travel with just one small suitcase and a carry on was liberating.  In the past, I always traveled with too big bags and too many suitcases. One small suitcase is the way I will travel now. It was so easy with my small suitcase to catch the fast trains and to travel on the airplane.

I highly recommend your services as a travel organizer. Thanks again for arranging my fantastic trip to Italy.

Kathy D.

I want to thank you for your assistance in planning the 7 day portion of our trip to Italy!  Your hotel recommendations were in perfect locations and lovely hotels.  Our highlights were 2 of the tours you set up for us.  Honestly I couldn't tell you which one we loved most!  KMZero provided an outstanding private tour to a small Tuscany winery for pasta making and wine tasting.  They picked us up from our hotel in Florence and brought us to the winery and 2 other lovely quaint towns.  Our driver/guide was knowledgeable and extremely pleasant.  The second tour was out of Naples with Frederica/Mind the Nap was also fabulous!  We spent the day in the Amalfi coast area, splitting our time between Ravello and Myoria. Frederica is SO knowledgeable about the history of the entire region and was truly a pleasure to spend the day with her and her driver.

All of the other recommendations you made about what to see, what to eat and where to go were spot on!!  thank you so much for working with us, i will definitely recommend you to anyone going to Italy!  Thank you so much.

Becky W.

Working with Marilyn Ricci was fantastic! We found Marilyn though a Facebook group and hired her to help us with travel arrangements and tour suggestions. She connected us with tour guides that really fit our personalities, needs and budget. She was also able to help us better understand train travel in Italy and assisted us with identifying the best routes and booking tickets. She was a great communicator, very responsive, and her services were fairly priced. Everything Marilyn touched on our trip itinerary worked out beautifully and we would definitely recommend hiring her.

Steve & Ann Teget | Postcard Jar Travel Blog

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