Take Me Home Italy

Delivering  Un’avventura dell’anima

We at Take Me Home Italy  want to help Italian-Americans like us find their families and heritage in Italy. Our goal is to assist you in finding your Italian soul and to enrich your life as ours have been enriched.

Take Me Home Italy takes a personal approach with everyone seeking a Heritage Adventure in Italy.  We open a conversation with you to discover your individual interest in an Italian Journey.  Whether you are Italian-American or you just love Italy, where would you like to explore?

After our initial free conversation we will use our experience to create and design an individual or group customized adventure.  This is not a standard tour.

Let Take Me Home Italy assist you in the discovery of your Italian Soul.  We want to share the joy of  Italian self-discovery with you!

Defining Your Travel Plan

Andiamo! Let’s go!

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The Winefathers
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Michelle Damiani
Writing with Italy at Heart, Author of Il Bel Centro:a year in the Beautiful Center and has a second novel coming soon.
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