Whether you are in Italy for a week or a year, our friends and partners in Italy will make your trip one to remember!

Carpe Diem Rome Tours
Two brilliant young brits have created an informative, extensive, fun group of tours in Rome. I highly recommend them.
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Km Zero Tours - Slow Travel Tuscany
From Small producers of wine, olive oil, and so much more, to artisanal craftmanship in every form, Km Zero Tours carries you through Tuscany like a talented friend who wants you to meet the locals, share a meal and experience life in Tuscany just as a local can.
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Auto Europe
Auto Europe is the best kept secret in the travel industry! We have been helping travelers find the best rental car rates around the world for over 60 years – yes, before the Internet.  We started out as travel agents’ go-to-resource in the 50s, and now work directly with millions of travelers a year around the globe.

With our deep understanding of the complexities of renting cars abroad, and our 24/7 availability of rental experts, we provide the best service in the industry before, during and after the rental.
The Winefathers
The first internet website allowing you to become a relative of an Italian artisanal winemaker.
Michelle Damiani
Writing with Italy at Heart, Author of Il Bel Centro:a year in the Beautiful Center and has a second novel coming soon.
Get Your Guide
While exploring Italy or anywhere you travel, check out Get You Guide as a supplement to your private experience. These friends add so much to your travels. Click the link to check them out. Maybe a special nighttime adventure or a private tour. For that, you must Get Your Guide.
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Sonseere Goldenberg
A copywriter today must have many of the same skills that a lawyer has — including resourcefulness, intelligence and the ability to get inside a potential client’s head.