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June 18, 2019

For those of you who have never had the privilege of visiting Florence, and for those who have visited, let me share with you how I feel about this glorious city.

My first visit to Florence was in 1971, before Euros, before cell phones, before the number of tourists became overwhelming. I walked the streets for hours, being absorbed into the beauty, the brilliance that is Florence. In the 60s, the river Arno had overflowed. I was in secondary school and already enraptured by the art in Florence. Much of that art was damaged. I sent a few dollars to help in the restoration and hoped that one day I would be there.

In ’71, I was a hippy with little money. I did manage to see the Ufizzi.



And my favorite art hero, an early Leonardo

He was a master from the beginning and changed the way his teacher, Verocchio functioned.

And the infamous Caravaggioand his Medusa.

The Accadamia.

The exquisite detail on Michelangelo’s David.

There is so much more to see at the Accademia, but David dominates. I visit him at least every other time.

But even if you are a broke hippy as I was the first time, there is art on every corner,

On every street,

art and architecture.

Views from hillsides and upper floor bars.

And the Arno, the beautiful Arno river.

This view is from the Oltrarno side.

View of a rower going under the Ponte Vecchio.

Scooters are everywhere.

Especially on the way to work in the morning.

Piazza Signoria

This bronzework in Piazza Signoria of one of the Medici family.

My place to sit and hide from the crowds in Piazza Signoria.

Churches by night.

Inside by day.

And more art to see.

And architecture within.

As well as without.

Did you know that Florence was once the Capital City for the United Italy? The Florentines created the mostly Renaissance feel of the city to accommodate that status. It did not last, however, the Capital city that is. But Florence, the work of art that is Florence, remained.

Today, you will see and hear excellent street artist performing all around town.

And interesting characters abound.

I used the Duomo as my compass, my center point.

You can see it from almost anywhere in Centro Storico.

And you can see more unusual people as you stroll in the city.

Is this an example of the style of Florence 2019? A friend asked me to capture some of the newest clothing trends. Florence is only rivaled by Milan for style.

These two are not too sure about what they are seeing in the window.

This little one is loving the pink.

More color!

I love this look.  How about you?

On my walk to the train station, I took a back street and walked by my appartamento in 2004.

And the Church of Santa Maria Novella.

Not only is she magnificent on the outside,

It is gorgeous all around and inside too. But today, I had a train to catch and must say farewell for now.

The atmosphere has changed dramatically over the years as it has been overrun by tourism, especially in the summertime. If you can visit in the late winter, early spring, there is less tourism generally. Easter is fabulous in Florence but also very busy. Summers are very HOT too. I can help you decide when you choose to visit. If you never have the opportunity, I hope these photos have captured some of the living work of art that is Florence.

I did not even talk about the food and wine. Let me close with the dessert from our last meal in Florence last time.

A dopo.

Ciao for now!

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