Arrivaderci Arpino, Lazio

February 7, 2017

Finalmente, finally, I have left the lovely town of Arpino,  Lazio. It was a wonderful place to visit and I can see why my cousin has chosen it as her home in Italy.  It is a place of tranquility, beauty and wonderful people.  And do not forget the food. Oh, the food.

Cacio e pepe!

While in Apino, I stayed in a lovely, traditional hotel, Hotel Il Cavalier D’Arpino.

The owners, Sonia and Rodolfo, are brother and sister. I do not know which one is more helpful, more kind, more serene. Rodolfo even helped us when my cousin’s car would not start, out in the cold and wind. He called for assistance whenever we needed it, called in dinner reservations and even wrote a letter of recommendation for me to use when renting my future apartamento.

Sonia, I believe, has a great temperament for running the hotel. We always saw her at breakfast, and she, like her brother, was always willing to go the extra mile to assist us in whatever we needed.

Breakfast was a huge affair. See photos for an idea of what was offered. My cousin, Sonseere and I, always ordered 2 cappoccini each. We did not need to ask. She had 4 of them ready whenever we sat down.

E dolci! And sweets.

And the breakfast room was lovely as was the garden and the room for private parties.

A wall painting in the breakfast area.

Here is a photo of a wedding place setting.

If you visit Arpino, you will love this hotel. Check them out.

Hotel Il Cavalier d’Arpino

Ph. +39 0 776 849348

For me, there were major two highlights of my visit to Arpino. First, we visited Isola Del Liri 2 or 3 times. I enjoyed the center of town where the River Liri pours down a waterfall.

The roar was amazing.

And the people, I loved the people.

I due Fratelli, two Brothers.

A couple on a stroll by the waterfall.

The tiny streets were great for wandering and getting lost.

And the wonderful, vintage Barbershop we stumbled upon.

Ci vediamo un’altra volta, See you again, Isola Del Liri.

Back in Arpino at the highest point in the town is Civitavecchia, The Old City. This area had been destroyed twice in the 13th Century. Now there remains a tower where once stood the home of Cicero,

and other portions of ancient architecture.

All of this with a view of the snowcapped mountains and the valley below.

In between those activities, my cousin and I visited a flea market in the neighboring town of Sora where I found the ideal hat.

And plenty of jeans.

You can buy nearly anything at a market like this.

A few days later, my cousin’s furniture arrived from the states. Moving into a 3rd story apartment on a narrow street

was a learning experience.

Farewell to Arpino, the home of Cicerone, Cicero. I promise to return.

It was time for me to find a place to live near the sea in Chiavari, Liguria.

Ciao for now!

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