Bring Italy Home for the Holidays

November 17, 2020

During this Covid-19 outbreak and the winter holidays of 2020, many travelers are wishing they could be in Italy. Unfortunately, very few people can visit anywhere in Europe right now. We, who are living in Italy, cannot even leave our commune, our town. Some people cannot leave their home or immediate surroundings except to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or the doctor. 

I know that when you cannot visit Italy, you miss the wine, the food, the people, and the beauty. I do too. What if you could bring some of the flavor of Italy home for your holidays? What if I told you my most trusted friends and partners, Km Zero Tours.

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have just been approved by the Italian government to send you authentic, artisanal Tuscan foods and more for Christmas? Would you want to know more?

Arianna and Alessio of KM Zero Tours have always been supporters of the local artisans, the organic farms and their products, and local businesses that are out of the ordinary in Tuscany. In these times, they know you are missing Italy, and you wish to support those people who make Italy so unique. 

My Nonna used to make cantucci like this for us all the time. It is the flavor of love, of Italian people. As children, we would dunk them in milk while the adults in my neighborhood would dunk them in Licorice Liquor or wine. Usually, in Italy, they are dunked in Vin Santo—I love them in Vin santo. The flavor of love, yes. I have tasted these cantucci made by Beppi and they taste and feel just like my Nonna made. Would you like some? They are part of the packages.

How about some authentic pasta from Tuscany? It is made in an artisanal shop, a small business, we love to support. They are perfect served with 

KM Zero Tours Sugo Al Basilico Artigianale. Yum! 

Or you can serve the pasta with fresh, new, Tuscan Virgin Olive Oil. Have you ever tasted Extra virgin olive oil right after it is pressed? It is unlike anything you can find in the stores in the US and Canada.

Add sundried tomatoes in olive oil from Tuscany. Are you hungry yet? Your gift box of treasures will also arrive with fresh cheese from the area that you can grate onto the pasta, Black olive pate you can enjoy for your snack later. 

Artisanal seasoning from Dario Cecchini, the famous butcher and chef, is part of the package. Do not open it until you are ready to daydream of amazing meals in Italy. Just imagine the scent of Tuscany.

When you finish your primo piatto, your pasta course, you may be very full. Hopefully, you have room for dolce.

Arianna and Alessio included traditional, artisanal desserts for Christmas and always.

Who wants a Ricciarella cookie? I know I do!

Soft Torrone, nutty nougat heaven.

And the Queen of Italian Christmas desserts, Panettone. It’s the tradition for every Christmas. And this is made with Chocolate and by natural methods. I want one.

Besides all of these items you will receive a lovely ceramic bowl to use to serve your pasta and

Your handmade tree ornament made by Artesia Bottega Di Ceramica in Certaldo, near Florence. Founders Anna and Cinzia have a wide range of artistic talent and experience. Their business has been in place for 20 years. I have visited their shop and adore what they do. You will love a unique ornament from them as a keepsake. 

There are different packages with less or more inclusions. You MUST contact Km Zero Tours. Connect by clicking on any Km Zero Tours that you see in this article to take you directly to a signup sheet. You can click on the box for gift packages and they will get back to you. Hurry if you want to receive it by Christmas in the US or Canada. ( Order by December 2nd, 2020 to be sure.)They also ship in Europe—you have a bit more time for a shipment on the continent.

Also, remember your friends and family who may not be able to travel home for the holidays. Wouldn’t this make a perfect gift for anyone who loves Italy and Italians? They can even customize for you. Contact Arianna and Alessio of Km Zero Tours Now. I am getting one for my Christmas da sola, alone. 

Thanks again for reading my posts and supporting the people of Italy.

A dopo!

Ciao for now!

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