Friends, Dog Beach Time and Sushi in Chiavari

June 29, 2022

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Another week in Chiavari has passed while I have had visits from friends, old and new. It was also filled with new experiences for me. 

The week began with two friends, Linda and Bruno, plus their puppy, stopping in Liguria for a couple days of fun and sun. I haven’t seen them in person since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. We do talk on the phone often but nothing can replace seeing them in person. When they arrived in Chiavari, they wisked me away into the hills above the sea—yes, they were driving—to eat some true Ligurian homemade goodness. We found a restaurant filled with workers and locals in the small community of San Colombano Certenoli. And it was a scrumptious discovery. 

It felt as though we were the only people who didn’t know anyone there. It was a perfect place to have lunch. We ordered more than we could eat. We had pansoti as well as a red sauce dish with penne regate pasta. We each tried it all. We then had fried vegetables, cooked rabbit, Roast beef and dessert (See my dessert above). 

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That roast was succulent, yet simple. I am so glad we went off the normal locations where I eat.

It was like sitting at Mamma’s kitchen table enjoying the true flavor of the food. Thanks, Linda, for insisting we explore. And thanks to Bruno for driving. 

We did a bit of wondering before my friends returned to their hotel in Genoa. We agreed to meet the next day for beach time and more fun. 

Here’s where the Dog Beach comes in. Liguria does not allow dogs on the beach unless it is designated as a dog beach. We found one at the end of the promenade. I had never been there before. There is another beach that I had visited before with friends with their dog. This one was new and had everything you would need to enjoy the sea, the sun and the dogs.

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Here we are before entering the water. Where’s the puppy?

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Linda has her dog in the water in the photo above.

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Here’s a wet pup lounging in the sun.

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Check out the Black Lab resting in the shade. He must have been HOT.

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Here the puppy who reminds me of Spuds McKenzie, is laying on his back with his owner. They were getting a bit of a burn.

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We finished off our day with an aperitivo and adult beverages. The music suddenly switched from latin to Frank Sinatra. Bruno and I began to sing along, scatting as we laughed. He was so funny. 

As the sun set, it was time to say farewell. I am so happy that Linda and Bruno took the time to stop by my town and the surrounding area while traveling. Until we meet again.

For other travelers with their animals, below is a listing of dog beaches all over Italy.

Dog Beaches in Italy

Later in the week, my friend Maria and several of her friends were coming to Chiavari for sushi. A month ago I tried another location in town for sushi and was dissatisfied with the service. This time we reserved a table at Yugo, (like the car) on the promenade. I had the opportunity to meet Maria’s friends who all live about 20 minutes from Chiavari. Scott and Roberto recommended this place because of the quality and service. Rada and her son also came with Maria. We spoke Italian at least half the time. Scott is still learning Italian as am I. We chatted in English quite a bit. He is also quite a hilarious table companion. 

Everyone ordered separately and everything we tasted was excellent. Of course, we were at an outside table in 35 Celsius (95 in F.) with a slight breeze by the sea. 

Thank goodness for fans.

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It was so hot that I drank that entire bottle of water myself. Left to right: Rada, Maria and me.

Each one of us had a paper where we ordered items by their number. This was an “all you can eat” menu with a set price. There were so many selections it took a while especially for me as I am allergic to shellfish of all kinds. 

Everyone enjoyed their choices. However, I accidentally ordered something with shrimp in it. With one bite I realized it and spit it into my napkin. Luckily that was my only error. Somehow some of us ordered the same two dishes. Mine never arrived. I tasted a couple other dishes but it truly was too hot outdoors.  I had no appetite.

Still the company was fun. We laughed quite a bit and talked about politics, life in Italy (most were Ex-Pats) and whatever came up. When we finished, we strolled along the promenade looking for the newest gelato shop. We all enjoyed a bit of gelato (mine was melon—so tasty) and cooled off in the shade. We said our goodbyes shortly after completing our desserts and promised to meet again soon.

It has been such a new experience meeting so many new people, learning from my guests in Chiavari and sharing my knowledge of Liguria with them over the past two months. Next week, I will be traveling further west in Liguria. I will have more tales to share. Stay tuned.

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