Italian Travel Adventures 2020 by Request

January 28, 2020

Buon giorno! It’s a lovely day in Chiavari. Sailboats are out.

And everyone is walking on the lungomare.

This morning, I stopped for a cappuccino e focaccia while I contemplated where my followers suggested I travel this year.

Last week I asked for feedback regarding travel plans for me this year. I was overwhelmed with all the fantastic suggestions. 

I have been checking train service, airfares, festivals and more. So far, I have made two, solid commitments.

  • Sicily, at least part of it, will be my first adventure. I plan to visit the eastern side of Sicily in February where I will attend Carnevale in one of two cities, spend time in Siracusa and the island of Ortiglia, visit whatever I can within a week’s time and eat lots of cannoli.
  • Western Liguria will come after Sicily. I have not gone far beyond Genoa to the west. I hope to visit several towns suggested by followers and friends, including Ventimiglia, Bordighera, Imperia and more.

There are so many more recommendations that I hope to visit. I am talking to locals in each place to discover the top experiences in each locale.

I will need to string together a few towns for each adventure. Here are some areas with the most requests.

Abruzzo—including the Transiberian D’Italia. My mother’s family is from Abruzzo and I would love to explore more. I may visit during Pasqua, Easter time, as they really have a good number of festivities for this holiday. 

Toscana—of course. Barga is one city I would love to explore,

 Castiglion Fiorentino is another. 

East coast of Italy—Acqualeia, Ravenna, Rimini, Urbino and far south of Trani to more of Puglia.

Emilia RomagnaParma, Piacenza, Dozza and Faenza. And another visit to Bologna would be a welcome stop.

Northern Italy—Mantova (Mantua), Vicenza, Bergamo, Udine, Garda—the lake area. These may be several different visits. However, I will wait until the snow clears before traveling to these places.

There were many more suggested options, including touring Calabria. Sardinia did not get many votes. I will put that off until another year. 

Since I am not made of money, I may not be able to reach all these places this year. But never fear, you can follow along with me as I travel. 

There are so very many places to visit here in Italy. I know if I live to be 100, I still will not see all the glorious places. 

This year, 2020, may be a year to play Where’s Waldo (a.k.a.Marilyn)? Keep following along. You may find a hidden gem to visit yourself. 

Let me know how I can assist you in your travel plans. That is what I actually do for a living. Traveling is just more fun and informative. It is also a method for me to discover those artisanal gems that make your travel a deeper experience. 

When I am not traveling, I will be by the sea in Chiavari wishing you could experience the peace I feel when I am in my hometown. 

A dopo!

Ciao for now!

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