June Brings Change in Italy and Beyond

June 2, 2020

After our long and stringent lockdown, those of us in Italy will have even more freedom as of June 3, 2020. Right now, we can travel within our own province. We can shop, go out to meals, walk the promenade for pleasure or even a gelato,

Or two.

We must wear a mask and most abide by that rule. Of course, we do need social distancing. 

All that remains in place. On 3 June, other parts of Italy open to us. We can travel to anywhere in our country and within the European Union, the UK, and small countries within Europe. The question is: should we travel extensively? 

For me, I choose to travel cautiously. I will be exploring again and taking you with me. But I will be doing it piece by piece with rest at home in between. Besides, there is so much to see and do in Chiavari itself.

It is gorgeous here by the sea.

Medieval centro storico is stunning and

And every portico is unique. 

Yesterday I explored the area where all the pleasure boats are stored.

Many are idle now as they belong to people who do not live locally. But some are traveling the waters.

Here three met closely for a chat while out to sea.

There is at least one stunning palazzo around every corner and many churches to explore.

Chiavari brings me peace right now. It is a place to live in the moment, where you can eat and drink well, enjoy your area, especially now with zero tourists, and just experience each moment. We all need those moments.

As many of you know, I was born and lived most of my life in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Watching the horror that began there last week and how the peaceful protests plus agitators/looters have spread across the USA and the globe has been difficult. These posts are typically exclusively about being Italian-American and a dual citizen, traveling in Italy, living in Italy and travel planning.  But this touches us all. 

Coronavirus has kept us penned up in our homes, away from friends, often without even being touched by others, no baci e abbracci, hugs and kisses, no sure knowledge of what is ahead, separated from family and friends.  People are dying from the disease while we watch helplessly. That is enough stress for anyone. 

Now, we cannot turn away from another horrid act made by a police officer in Minneapolis. His own issues perpetrated the death of an innocent man, an innocent black man. He is in jail right now where he should be. He killed George Floyd.

#BlackLivesMatter. I hope that each of us can find somewhere within ourselves to find some peace here. And I hope that we can all look at our own prejudices—we all have them—and clear a path to peace without and within. 

I have watched my Twin Cities, my home towns, destroyed--places I have shopped at, locations where I have lived, people who were my neighbors and all the drama with anarchists while true protests continue peacefully.

We all bleed the same color. We need to be equal in all things. And we are not. 

I am no better than you are, or the Asian person down the street, the Latino around the corner, the Black family with their beautiful children. My wish for you all is hope, safety, and love, especially love.

Peace. Pace. A dopo!

Ciao for now!

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