Life In the Fast Lane

May 31, 2016

For the past couple of weeks, it seems like everything is happening at one time. And I keep hearing  3 lines of a song by the Eagles repeating: “Life in the fast land, sure to make you lose your mind. Life in the fast lane.” I hear it all, guitar, drums, voice, all of it, over and over again. Are the Eagles trying to tell me something?

Life in the fast lane, that is where we Americans live most of the time. Wake up, grab a bite and run to work for another 10 or 11 hours.  Kids are having problems at school. The bills are piling up. Constant phones ringing at work, including texts and calls on my cell phone. Traffic to and from work is so intense.  Kid’s swimming lessons and ball games, one of each at the same time. It’s Mom’s birthday tomorrow and I don’t even have a card yet. What’s for dinner—have to order a pizza again. My house is a mess and I haven’t even thought of doing laundry for a week! STRESS!

Living in the USA is so fast paced. We don’t get much in the way of vacations. If you are lucky you get 2 weeks a year off work for vacation. And if you have children, that means you take them during school breaks so you can watch your children. You need a break. We all need a break.

Whenever I am feeling buried in all the complexities of American life, I hit the road. Perhaps I am running away on an adventure to escape the doldrums I am experiencing at home. Or maybe, just maybe, I am actually taking care of myself.

  • Stepping outside of your normal circumstances is always good for the brain and the soul.  
  • Run away for the weekend. Go to a lake cabin and leave the kids with grandma.
  • Take a bottle of wine with some Italian cheese and bread and get out of the house. Have a picnic and plan your next big vacation.  Who cares if you can’t afford to go today? You can make it happen and planning will make your dreams outweigh the stress of the everyday grind. I do this all the time. Even helping others plan their vacations triggers endorphins and you feel a sense of serenity.

Here is an answer for you: la dolce far niente,the sweetness of doing nothing. That is what you find in Italy. The Italians have mastered time itself.  They go to work and come home for a 2 or 3 hour lunch. Business is closed! They enjoy some family time over a leisurely lunch of perhaps 3 courses. They may even take a nap. They return to work for a few more hours. No one works overtime.

After returning home in the evening, the family dresses up for dinner. Before dinner they make the passagiata, the evening stroll through the neighborhood. Everyone does it. They show off their families and converse with their friends along the way. After a time, they return home for la cena, dinner. No worries, it will be done soon, and it will be several courses with wine and a dolci, a sweet dessert. And all the family is there.

Of course the children have homework. The house needs picking up and kids still rebel against their parents. Somehow it is not as stressful for those Italians. Children are the center of their lives. Bills will be paid eventually. Food, family and joy are more important.

We can’t change the culture of the United States. Our work ethic is here to stay. And more and more demands come all the time. What can you do to lower the stress levels?

Let me help you. Take Me Home Italy can help you plan that dream vacation to Italy. We can make it fun for you. Let us stress over the details as we design your ideal Italian adventure.  Contact us at:  Give me your name and phone number. Tell me about your dream. I can give you a call back for a 15 minute FREE conversation. I promise it will lift your spirits and take you away from Life in the Fast Lane. Ti aspetto!I await your call!

Ciao for now!

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