Making Friends and Discovering New and Fun Italian Attire

June 4, 2019

We had another lovely weekend in Liguria. Chiavari celebrated words, philosophy, music and more in La Festa Della Parola.

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The sky was like an ever-changing surrealistic painting while the sound of church bells filled the air.

For me, however, the big event happened on Friday, when I met Chris and Eva Lock, and their lovely little boy, Lazarus.

They founded a business that appeals to all of us who are fascinated by Italy and want to share our love for the Bel Paese.  They created, Shabby Sheep Design…Italy on a Shirt!

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And Eva

Are exactly the type of people I want for friends and as partners in business. These two brave individuals chose to leave the United Kingdom behind and put down roots in Lunigiana, Tuscany 14 years ago. As with most of us who have moved to Italy, their preconceived notions of life in Italy, especially in the countryside, were way off base. Their UK business, a commercial art supply company, was all web-based. They had planned to keep that going from Italy. And, guess what? No internet anywhere, no reliable phone service, where they decided to live. These entrepreneurs found a way to involve their neighbors and eventually achieved a connected life in Lunigiana. I believe their sense of humor gave them the impetus to keep going. Their neighbors are also quite thankful, I am sure.

While they were working on connecting to civilization, they renovated their home and set it up as a Bed and Breakfast. Fourteen years ago, it was a better financial venture than after AirB&B and Homeaway became strong competitors. Still, their dream of living in Italy would not be dampened by these challenges.

Chris told me that they did whatever they could do to continue renovations and earn income. They consider themselves Immigrants in Italy. They moved to Italy for a better life and planned to remain in Italy someway, somehow.

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Eva, a very talented artist, continued painting and found success in selling mainly to foreign property owners and their B&B guests. She continued producing her art until her hand was damaged. But being an artist means you are always thinking creatively and in need of your creative talent to be put to use. She studied art made in a different way, a way that her temporarily injured hand would not hinder.   These two determined, brilliant people birthed their new baby, Shabby Sheep Design, an artistic, marketable venture honoring their love of Italy and all that goes with it.

You can wear your love of the quirky things that captivate all Italophiles. You can shop with a bag that shows how you long to be back in Italy.

You can laugh about what’s really important when you are in Italy.

And one of my favorites…

Aperol Spritz can take away the memory of the 4 hours in line at the post office. You need the right ingredients.

And sunshine helps. I want all of the varieties of items shown below.

They are tastefully done, many with organic cotton and all sourced with a green attitude. Here’s a quote from their website.

Keep it Fun and keep things Simple, Respectful, Honest and Down to Earth….

Many of our products are made from organic cotton and/or cotton alternatives (like Tencel), which means NO pesticides have been used in the agricultural cycle. The dyes used to print our designs are all water soluble.

The packaging used to ship all orders is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable, or both. NO PLASTIC.

Our Earth Positive, Climate Neutral t-shirts are manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

And they give their seconds to the homeless. I love these people.

Chris, Eva, Lazarus and I met near the lungomare in Chiavari. We had been chatting via WhatsApp and through email and I could sense a kinship with them. We shared a caffe’ macchiato each when we first met. Lazarus decided I was his new cuddle toy while we discussed living in Italy and the adventure we were on as we assimilated into the Italian life. We laughed about the shocks we experienced such as no internet for months, attempting to set up or correct utility bills, learning Italian and so much more.

This called for drinks!

We discovered we are all hooked on Vermentino wine when I took them to Lord Nelson’s Restaurant on the promenade. We need a Vermentino shirt! Chris? Eva?

The food was almost as delectable as was the view. Eva had Scallopine con patate,

I ate Penne con Salmone which was luscious.

Chris went for the insalata.

By the time we had finished our bottle of Vermentino, our meals and dolce, we worked out a partnership.

For all my followers who may be interested in obtaining items from Shabby Sheep Design, I have a special offer for you.  Click on the link below for a first-time buyer’s 15% discount. In order to earn that discount, you must sign up for the Shabby Sheep Design Newsletter with your name and email and purchase something. You will receive 15% off the advertised price. Your items will be shipped to you from the UK in a very timely fashion. Think about gifts for the kids in your family.

The teens and hipsters,

The chefs,

Don’t forget coffee or tea lovers.

What about you?

Here’s your chance to enjoy your love of all things Italian and share it with others. Take a look at what Shabby Sheep Design offers, their recommendations and all the photos sent to them from people who love their purchases. Let me know what you think. Use my discount. Enjoy this piece of Italy even when you are not IN ITALY.


Now back to the promenade for a Spritz, or a Prosecco, or a Vermentino. Chissa! Who knows!             A dopo.

Ciao for now!

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