Mi Manchi Liguria, I miss Liguria

September 17, 2019

Every year, I visit the United States to see my family and friends.  It’s that time again. I flew from Rome to Los Angeles and spent two nights with my cousins, Maureen, Jim, Kory and J.T. We stayed in Long Beach for the most part. The weather was lovely and catching up with people I adore was precious.

J.T. is in secondary school now. 

Next I met friends, the Mascios, in Seattle.

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They used to live in Italy, near me. It was great to see them again.

My most important visit has been with my daughter, Stephanie and my nipottina, granddaughter, Maggie in Washington State. Seeing my girls is the best gift I can receive. I miss them terribly while I am  in Italy. SKYPE helps but it isn’t the same as a great hug from one or both of them.

I love being with them. We cook, we go to movies, we laugh, we talk, we share stories, and we get very silly. 

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I hate leaving them but I have work to do in Minnesota. And I must go there next.

When I feel myself missing home, missing Liguria, I travel back to Liguria through my memories and my photos.

Genova, or Genoa, is the capitol of my province.

This lion outside of Genoa’s most famous cathedral is exquisite. It reminds me of strength and beauty.

I love the quiet caruggi, narrow, winding streets,

The way the city has burst beyond the ancient walls,

The famous Piazza Ferrari in the heart of Genoa,

And the views from above over the city all the way to the sea.

When I need city-time, Genoa is my go-to city. When in Liguria, it should be yours too.

Camogli is a colorful seaside beauty near Genoa. It is said that they painted their homes in different bright shades so husbands at sea could find their way home on foggy or rainy days.

Camogli is a gorgeous town to visit. Most Americans have yet to discover it. I only need to take a 20 minute train to visit Camogli. I love the colors and detail on the homes.

And the sea is incredible here.

Recently I found men making rope.

You must visit. There are ferries and whale watching boats you can take. Their churches are beauties filled with art. And the Dragon castle looks like it is from 1100 A.D. 

And if you are around in May, Camogli has the festival of the fishes. For a few Euros, you will be fed from this giant fry pan. It is not to be missed.

Rapallo is another haunt near my home. For the last year, it has been recovering from the Super-Storm of last October. Repairs are nearly complete.

Rapallo is only 8 minutes from my home in Chiavari. 

I live near the beaches. They are quieter in the late Autumn, Winter and Spring. I love my time at the beach area especially when it is only the locals.

Sometimes the waves are intense.

Especially on stormy days.

And when the colors of the sunset reflect in the sea.

It is magical.

The medieval city itself is impeccable.

And every single portico with shadow and light is unique.

Churches and shrines abound.

And then there’s the daily market where I love to shop. Remember to wear gloves.

I won’t be home for a while. But you can visit Chiavari for me. It’s only one half hour by train from Cinque Terre. Or set up a time to meet me there after I return. I would love to show you around.

Enjoy your week. Remember to live each moment to the fullest and plan that trip to Italy. I can help.

A dopo.

Ciao for now!

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