Nearly Everything Can Be Open in Italy as of 18 May 2020

May 19, 2020

As of this Monday, Italy has chosen to cautiously move forward with opening all businesses while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. This does not mean we are free of Covid-19. It means we have hit our first plateau and new cases are consistently decreasing. We will watch to see what happens with these openings and more exposure to others. I was hesitant to go out for my first lunch in a restaurant since February 26, 2020.  All I knew for certain was that I have been waiting to go out for a good pizza.

and a spritz since February.

Above is our waiter, Maurizio, carrying my Aperol Spritz! My friend and I visited our favorite local pizzeria,

It’s as close to Napoletano Pizza as you can get in Chiavari, Liguria. 

In Liguria, we must have tables spaced 2 meters apart (about 80 inches.) whereas nationally it is 4 meters.

It was a bit surreal to be the first people eating outside at the restaurant and it was 1230pm. By the time we finished, there were a few others and many take away orders. But, since there are no tourists here in Chiavari and many people have been out of work for two months, not all locals can afford to eat in a restaurant.  Money is tight everywhere. But, frankly, I was sick of my own cooking. And I have been craving this pizza for weeks.

Just a simple margherita pizza but so very good. 

Walking along the promenade to the restaurant was also an adjustment. There were more people outside walking, most wearing their masks. There were children playing together—which is not supposed to be happening—and there were even a few people in the water.

The promenade or lungomare was as beautiful as ever.

Many establishments along the sea and elsewhere were still sanitizing and preparing to open. Others were ready for customers, but no one was there.

For the sake of these small businesses, I hope their tables will begin to fill once again. For me, it is nice to be here with just the locals. Only people from Liguria can even travel to Chiavari right now. On 3 June, travel will open up for us to all of Italy. But for now, I will enjoy Liguria to the fullest.

After our meal, we walked toward centro storico, enjoying the portici,

Scattered bikes awaiting their owners,

Stunning façade

After façade.

As we meandered by the palace as we said our farewells and returned home.

It was a strange and wonderful experience. We took our masks off to eat while the staff wore their masks and gloves. We were not given menus but needed to read the menu on-line to order.  So many people were careful to keep their distance as we walked while others nearly walked into us. But overall, it is the first step into a new normal in Italy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through my beautiful Chiavari. When you are once again able to travel in Italy, which, depending on where you live and future rulings, could be a while, I am here to assist you.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this taste of Liguria. 

A dopo.

Ciao for now!

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