Oh The Wonders You’ll See

February 12, 2019

And the people you’ll meet when you visit Italy. Whether this journey is your first to Italy or your fifth, if you allow it, Italy will change you.

If you have been dreaming about a visit to my second country, Italy, let me tempt you with stories and photos of what you can experience. Let’s say we fly into Venice.

You can take a water taxi directly to your hotel—a speed boat for you and perhaps 4 or 5 others,

cruising along narrow waterways.

Look, someone is hanging their laundry in the sun!

While others are practicing for the upcoming Regatta.

You will walk through the narrow alleyways until you find a Vaporetto,

a water bus, and ride on the Grand Canal.

See the Bridge of Sighs while on your private gondola ride.

After a couple days of exploring, getting lost and feeling romantic in Venice, take a day trip by train to Padua, a short ride away.

Perhaps you will see a festival as I did, outside the church of Saint Anthony which is completely covered in art created by the Giotto school.

After a day of wandering along porticos, return to Venice for your final evening.

On to Florence the next day.

The home of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, Medicis and more.

Walk the streets as though you are following the paint brushes of the masters as you wander.

Rain or shine it is stunning.

The Arno river divides the city.

Not far is the Church of Santa Croce which houses the burial shrine to Dante.

And incredible art, inside and outside, as seen at night in the photo below.

There is a gelato shop nearby that you would enjoy on a warm summer night.

The next day, wander, visit churches, explore il Duomo.

Drink wine, enjoy the fabulous food of Florence and people watch.

The next day, visit the region of Chianti outside the walls of Florence.

Visit a goat farm.

Meet locals at their winery and share a five-course meal with them while wine-tasting. Feel a piece of Chianti slipping permanently into your soul.

Time to say Ciao Firenze!

Andiamo!  Let’s go to Siena.

The Cathedral of Siena is a marvel with exquisite flooring, striped marble pillars, and art everywhere you look. If you walk or drive in Siena in the evening, you will see the stunning exterior lit up.

The detail is stunning even more so by night light.

Again you may be fortunate enough to come upon a festival while in Siena, or we can plan for it.

Dressed in the garb of their neighborhoods, they compete, play music and toss those flags. There is nothing like it.

Spend a day outside of Siena with your own private driver and host.

If you plan it right, you can be there when the olive oil is new and tastes remarkable.

Next on our journey we will head south to Rome, with stops in Umbria along the way.

Assisi is a remarkable hill town where you can almost feel the presence of St. Francis.

And, as is common in Italy, the ancient is reused and treasured.

My favorite Umbrian hill town is Orvieto.

This medieval masterpiece features flying buttresses across walkways holding the structures in place. The Etruscans were here before the Romans.

And the Duomo is marvelous.

Inside there is one of the most famous works of the Renaissance artist, Signorelli.

It’s the end of the world as he saw it. Above is only a portion of his work.

Enjoy some Orvieto Classico white wine with your dinner here. Stay overnight if you can. Most tourist just buzz in for an afternoon. If you stay, you will have the night to yourself with all the locals.

Now, an hour’s train ride will bring you to the Eternal City, Roma.

The Colosseum,

The Forum,

Trajan’s Market,


More art in churches,

And outside them.

Of course, there is the Vatican Museum and the Basilica.

And fountains everywhere.

The eternal city never sleeps and never can be conquered in one visit.

It is now time to return home, say arrivederci, Italia, goodbye for now, Italy, although you know you don’t want to leave.

We at Take Me Home Italy can help you do any and all of these things plus more. That is what we do. This itinerary has barely even touched the beauty of Italy. My home province of Liguria wasn’t even mentioned, or Piedmonte, Lombardy, Puglia, Sicily, or or or.

Tell us what you want to experience. We are here for you.

Scrivimi! Write to me at Marilyn@TakeMeHomeItaly.com.  There is still time to plan your trip for this year. Andiamo! Let’s go!

Ciao for now!

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