Sicily, Ci Vediamo, See You Very Soon

February 18, 2020

At the time of this original posting, I am on my way to Sicily as requested by many of my followers. I am excited to explore what I can experience within a week’s time.

People who have never visited Sicily do not realize how big it really is. I will be flying into Catania, exploring Catania, Siracusa, a bit of Messina and possibly into Agrigento. I have hotels but no exact plans. I will be going with the flow. I will also be assisted by new friends who live in Sicily.

One of the adventures I want to enjoy every year is Carnevale. This year I will attend at least one if not two events in Sicily.

I believe this is a photo from last year’s Carnevale in Acriecale (above).

This one is from Avola

There is a fabulous one in Sciacca (below) that I would love to attend.

I am not sure yet if I can make it there. 

Palazzo Acreide Carnevale looks exciting too. See below (by Michele Buonomo).

I hope to see Mt. Etna in all her glory.

And drink wine from vines grown in the volcanic soil Etna provides.

Since I have a client whose family is from Messina, I thought I would explore that area, not a typical tourist province.

Since I am staying in Catania and Ortigia, It will have to be a day trip. I also will visit Taormina too while staying in Catania

When we think of Sicily, we often think of Palermo and Trapani which are on the west side of the island. 

For me, in a week, I cannot travel that far and absorb what I see. I will be concentrating mostly on the east side of the island. That just means I will need to return to see more. 

 I hope to get as far as the Greek ruins of Agrigento.

And the gorgeous mosaics of Villa Del Casale.

And below, the female athletes of Villa Del Casale.

Besides all of the above, I hope to explore smaller, off the beaten path locales. That is where you find the real, untarnished by tourism, Sicilians. Of course, defining a Sicilian is a challenge in itself. The island is a blend of Greek, Roman, Norman, Saracen and who knows who else. I am excited to see the different influences from over the centuries. Travel virtually with me as I explore. I will be tasting food and wine from the areas, visiting fish markets, meeting locals and sharing what I discover. Thanks to so many of my followers for suggesting Sicily. I chose it as my first exploration for 2020. 

More to come next week, including cannoli I hope.

A dopo.

Ciao for now!

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