Spending time with My Friend, Arianna of KM ZERO TOURS

March 30, 2021

Meet my true Tuscan friend, Arianna Cini as I interview her and we laugh together about the real adventures available to you with Km Zero Tours.

Km Zero Tours is a small boutique travel company based in the beautiful Chianti region in Tuscany. They believe in slow, sustainable travel and love creating meaningful and immersive travel experiences aimed at discovering the authentic cultural and culinary heritage of the Tuscan region. They support and value the amazing craft and talent of passionate local farmers and artists, who deeply respect and love their land with its ancient flavors and deep-rooted traditions, and who are willing to share it with new visitors and friends.

From Small producers of wine, olive oil, and so much more, to artisanal craftmanship in every form, Km Zero Tours carries you through Tuscany like a talented friend who wants you to meet the locals, share a meal, and experience life in Tuscany just as a local can.

Every single client of mine who has worked with my friends at Km Zero have reviewed their experience as the highlight of their Italian adventure.

In this time of Covid-19, Km Zero Tours offers fabulous gift packages to provide you with that authentic taste and feel of their home in Italy. All Items in these packages are provided by the local artisans and are seasonal. Get your package now. I loved mine.

Enjoy our conversation--you will Love Arianna--and check out their offerings.

Ciao for now!

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