The Biggest Little Italy in Minneapolis

September 20, 2016

This past Sunday, Italian-Americans and Italian Cars and Cycles threw a party by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Everyone was invited. So very many people came!

For us at Take Me Home Italy, it was our second year participating in the annual Italian Festa. Last year we had an organ grinder, the Tarentella and Bocce Ball.

Yes, that is me in the shade of our booth.

This year we had Italian Hardware.

Alpha Romeos, Ferraris, Ducatis, and more were all there. The entire lot was overtaken with precious, Italian craftsmanship for the road and all who dreamed of driving them. It was packed with people and beautiful creations on wheels. I wish we had more time to explore those beauties.

These vehicles always bring back memories of sunny days in Tuscany, driving along Pizza the Amalfi Coast and old movies set in Italy. There is always a handsome Italian man or woman driving along, wind whipping hairdos, scarves flying, big sunglasses and a sexy smile. Everything Italians create has that flair of the sweet life, the sexy life too.

Speaking of the sweet life, how about some gelato or cannoli? They were on sale for all to taste., pasta, polpette and other Italian specialties were had by so many people that the booths were close to running out of food. What would Nonna say if they ran out of food? It never happens at an Italian festa!

It was a perfect day.  

We at TAKE ME HOME ITALY spoke with hundreds of people about their Italian family or their interest in traveling to Italy. We discussed how TAKE ME HOME ITALY creates custom travel opportunities for our clients, plans that fit their needs and their budget. We will be creating plans for a few individuals and family groups, including a honeymoon couple. It will be fun and very rewarding to assist these people in finding their Italian Soul.

Our main offering Sunday was an opportunity to enter a drawing where the 2 separate winners would receive $500 off the cost of our first TAKE ME HOME ITALY & THE WINEFATHERS TRAVEL EXPERIENCE! This group travel leaves the USA on May 9, 2017 and returns May 19th. These lucky travelers will sleep in 4-star hotel comfort, visit 6 wineries where they will share a lunch or dinner with the Vintner him/herself while experiencing perfect wine pairings, and they will become a member of an Italian Wine Family for LIFE. I have called the winners and am waiting for confirmation right now.

There will still be room for nearly 2 dozen more people. Who’s in? Who wants more information? Who is wondering what it means to join an Italian Wine Family for life? The best way to understand is to visit The Winefathers website at You can also read my two articles about The Winefathers on my blog on our website

The WineFathers Made me an Offer I Could Not RefuseMeet my Wine Cousins

I hope you will fall in love with The Winefathers as we did.

Next year, will you join me for Festa Italiana MN? Even though I will be living in Italy, if possible I will return for the Festa.  If not in Minnesota, who wants to meet me in Italy? On the Wine and Food Adventure In May? How about Easter in Florence? I will be there. Scrivimi!(Write to me) at Let’s talk about Italy. Let’s see if we can get you there for the price you need. Life is short! Eat Cannoli first!

Ciao for now!

Ciao for now!

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