The WineFathers Made me an Offer I Could Not Refuse

June 21, 2016

The WineFathers Made me an Offer I Could Not Refuse

Less than a year ago, Take Me Home Italy opened a Twitter Account.  I was a total novice in the Twittersphere. All I had wanted to do was get the word out about our business of assisting others to reach their dream of traveling in Italy the best way for them. One of my first new friends on Twitter had the curious name of The WineFathers.

As an Italian American and avid movie goer, I could not help but think of the GodFather and all that could ensue if I involved myself with that type of group. Were the WineFathers like that?  What kind of favor would I owe  if they helped me by becoming my follower.  I had to check this out.


The Winefathers are a group of young entreprenours who truly appreciate wine, especially wine made by smaller, mom and pop wineries, artisanal wineries that have the love and passion of their winemakers instilled in every bottle they create. Of course there are the large wineries we have all had the pleasure of tasting. And they can be very good.  Yet, there is something special about those almost microwineries that is so very personal, so very unique and I wanted to know more.

The Winefathers devised an enticing way to crowd fund these small wineries by inviting donors not just to donate to the small winery of their choice but to become part of la Famiglia, the Family, of the Winemaker.  Meet them. Have a real, traditional dinner with your wine family members, walk through the vines and perhaps help in picking the grapes for distillation.

Now I was hooked. I chose a winery in Basilicata on the slopes of the Vulture (an extinct volcano) where the tufa under the soil is perfect for la Cigna. Brother and Sister Sarah and Luca Carbone are re-introducing ancient fruits to their winery to assist the soil in attracting small animals and other creatures. That way natural fertilizers, bugs and animals enrich the soil itself. It is very traditional and sustainable. I love my Wine Cousins and had a fabulous experience last February when we shared a day together.

Now, on this Italian Adventure, Luca Comella, Numero uno WineFather, invited me to Udine to Meet the WineFathers. Oh, dear, if I said No would I awaken with an uncorked bottle of red wine spilling all over my sheets? Well, I couldn't let that happen. So, where is Udine and how do I get there?

Udine is in the heart of Friuli in northeast Italy. The city has Roman roots, beautiful architecture, wonderful piazze (squares) and fabulous people. I spent two days with the WineFathers, testing the wines, enjoying apperitivi and 4 course dinners, exploring historic Cividale del Friuli and visiting the winery of Marco Cecchini in Faedis.

Mostly I smiled, I laughed and I enjoyed every minute with these wonderful people. Laura and I even sang a tune or two. Most of them did not speak English. All of them knew a phrase or two. One greeted me with a hug and kissed cheeks and said, "How are you? Merry Christmas Happy Birthday!".  We all laughed at that!

Each person shared their stories of how they wanted the success of this venture to work not for their own profit alone, but to assist these other small businesses in their success. It is part of their heritage to have these artisanal businesses.  Large businesses are fine but small ones have passion, Italian passion.

These are smart people and genuine people. Beyond these natural attributes they are brilliant marketers. Who wouldn't want to meet real Italians in their home and community when visiting Italy? Usually when we travel we see the main attractions but rarely have the chance to personally interact with Italians beyond the limelight of the Museums and restaurants. Here you are given the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with your winemakers and their family. You will see how they live, what they eat and, most of all, you will feel the passion they feel about their wine projects.

Want to know more?  Visit their website: You won't regret it. Join the family. No machine guns here, only wine, wonder and passion.

Ciao for now!

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