Traipsing OFF the Tourist Tracks, Wandering in Liguria

July 19, 2022

This month as in 2020 I spent a good deal of time exploring Western Liguria, an area mostly undiscovered by American travelers and so many others. I will feature photos in this post but without necessarily naming where they were taken.  I want you to see this glorious land without knowing where each photo was taken. And I want to inspire you to find out more and travel off the beaten path in Liguria.

For me, it is important to support local small businesses, green tourism, organic, sustainable and natural products of all kinds, even hotels when possible. I hope to promote travel that gives back to Italy and whenever possible, support preservation of the land.

I visited a winery that is organic, and also produces organic olive oil, has organic herbs they sell and use in their organic restaurant. They even have a VEGAN wine certification. Would you like to join me there for lunch and tasting?

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Would you like to stay in a hotel that was once a Monastery and have a view of this pristine, sandy beach? Would you come with me to do that?

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Walk on Medieval, arched streets to shop and eat when off the beach?

Wander the streets of a neighboring medieval town or two, visiting a church, wandering and admiring the medieval construction. Would you travel with me here?

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Would you visit this organic olive oil farm and hear the family history that goes back to the 1400s?

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We would do the olive oil tasting and perhaps wine tasting –both organic—in the ancient family palace?

Do you recognize this gorgeous town where Monet once stayed? 

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Steep walkways with constant cool breezes fill this romantic, inland town. Would you walk with me here?

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Would you enjoy sleeping in a small town surrounded by woodlands in a sustainable reconstructed home turned hotel rooms? Breakfast included with specialties for all dietary needs and all organic? I can’t wait to be there. Come with me.

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Enjoy scenery like this as we travel into the hills of Liguria and further. Would you join me?

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It is so beautiful on the backroads of Liguria. The ride will be an experience in itself.

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Wouldn’t you enjoy the views from above the sea in the hills? Walk with me.

See restored palaces like this one?

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Have you heard of Seborga? Explore this unique principality with me. And from the top of this hill you can see 3 different countries. Let me show you.

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Would you like to meet these lovely ladies who are famous for making the bread of the witches?

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Would you enjoy exploring this ancient hill town with me?

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Look at these views! They are phenomenal! Join me.

There are so many unique places that you most likely have not discovered yet, all in my Liguria. As we speak, I am putting together a tour for May 2023, a small group tour where we will visit these places and more of them. We will swim in the Mediterranean Sea and walk in the hilltop towns that big busses cannot reach. We will eat organic food, drink organic, award-winning wines, eat award winning and organic olive used in the food and for tasting, and meet so many local small business people who are the true heart and soul of Italy. 

Let me know what you think of this idea so far. We are now working on pricing and exact paths. 

Are you intrigued? Is this the travel experience you have been seeking off the beaten path with Italian-born suppliers and true history? Even if you are not a tour person, this will be a group of 8 or less, with time to explore on your own and experiences no other tour can provide. 

Do let me know what you think.  I want to share this exemplary travel experience with you.  I will create the itinerary and the legal, licensed tour company with provide the services. 

Andiamo! Let’s go!

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Ciao for now!

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