Volare, Woh Oh, Cantare, Woh Oh Oh Oh

June 7, 2016

Yes, I am singing again. Volare, To fly, Cantare, To Sing. I am feeling it right now. As you are reading this I am arriving in Milano.  My groups are organized and ready for their adventures and I am ready for mine.

For me, music goes well with Italy. The feeling I get when in my country of origin is one of joy, of peace, of creativity.  I am sure there will be singing along this journey. I also feel a strong sense of belonging. People speak the language I heard as a baby. I also resemble many of them. That feels like home.

Italy appeals to so many people around the world. As we travel the country we meet vibrant Italians as well as travelers and transplants from nearly every continent.  If we are open, we will learn about the world itself while enjoying la dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.

Throughout the next month, I will be posting and blogging about my experience on this journey. You will see daily updates as I try many new things and places. Would you like to follow along?

I hope to share the experiences of those people I have helped with their Italian travel too. Of the 17 people traveling through TAKE ME HOME ITALY planning and arranging, only 1 has been to Italy before.  Ages vary from 10 years old to grandparents in their 70s. I will meet the party of 15 on June 14 in Rome.  I will not be traveling with them, however.

The second group is actually my brother and sister-in-law. I will meet them in Napoli on June 17 and will travel with them for about 9 days. This is their first trip to Italy and I will escort them to meet our family near Benevento in Campania and our family in Paterno di Avezzano in Abruzzo. Then they will be on their own as will I.

What interests you about Italy and Italians? Is it the art? The countryside scenery? The music? The love of life? The food and wine? I hope you will be able to travel vicariously through us as we experience all those things and more.

I will be visiting 6 new places myself. Three of those places are on the beaches on the west side of Italy. This is part of my house hunt in Italy. And part of la dolce vita, the sweet life I yearn to experience. Have you considered just going to la spiaggia, the beach, in Italy?  Come with me to the towns of Santa Marinella, Tellaro, Portovenere and Sestri Levante for beach and cultural experience. And know that TAKE ME HOME ITALY can help you get there too. Follow us on www.facebook.com/takemehomeitaly and in Twitter: @takemehomeitaly. Come with me in spirit. Volare, woh oh, Cantare woh oh oh oh!

Ciao for now!

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