Post Ferragosto in Liguria

September 13, 2022

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The ancient celebration of Ferragosto is now treated as an entire month, the month of August. Travelers from Italy and all over Europe descent on our beaches for celebration and vacation. We see all sizes and shapes of people in my small town of Chiavari. We hear languages we do not usually hear. The promenade is full. The beaches are packed. The celebrations go long into the night.  It is now almost mid-September and most of our guests are at home with children beginning school and parents are back to work.

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For me, I am enjoying a bit of cooler weather (highs in the 70s and 80s now), less people at least during the week, and a time of more change.  Less visitors mean more time to write, more floating in the sea, more business being accomplished.

For my regular blog followers, I have been working diligently on creating an unusual tour experience for May of 2023. It will be a small group of travelers visiting small businesses and towns in “off the beaten path” places. If I had chosen more common places, I probably would have the pricing done by now. However, I did not want to do that.  I will have the full packet of information soon.

If you are interested in more information on the Specialty Liguria Experience, review my last few blogposts:

and 2 older blogs from 2020 (ignore references to Covid):

These 5 blogposts cover much of what will be included in next May’s Travel Adventure. If you are thinking of traveling to Italy in May of 2023, read these again and let me know if are interested in these types of adventures.

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The experience will begin with a ½ day tour of Genova, an off the beaten path big city!

My personal goals for travelers have always included small businesses, local artists, family-owned restaurants and hotels, personal experiences with real Italians. I have lived here in Italy for almost 6 years. I have 2 full blooded Italian-American parents and I am a dual citizen of Italy and the USA. But I am NOT REALLY a LOCAL. I want to be one. I strive to learn from my neighbors and Italian friends. But I will always be Italian-American,  a straniera, which is not the same. 

If you can sit with a family in the hills of Liguria where prize-winning olive oil is grown and made, hear their stories and eat at their table, then you are experiencing the true Soul of Italy. It may not be everyone’s dreams. But if you are interested, I can help you do that, help you feel the Italian Soul and maybe, just maybe, take a piece of Italian Soul home with you in your heart. 

A view from one of the hamlets in Varezze

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Another from another hamlet in Varezze

And meet Cristina.

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Cristina and her family will be there to meet you.

If for some reason you cannot make the Specialty Travel Experience in May, I  can still assist you in meeting some of these people and experiencing some of these hidden gems. Let me know. 

Now it’s time for me to hop into the sea for a bit of sun and exercise. I feel so lucky to be here. 

P.S. I am STILL working on my book of Liguria. I will keep you posted. 

Until next time, Grazie Mille and Ciao for Now.

A dopo!

Ciao for now!

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